Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
For Rigging Shops

FAQs for Rigging Shops

What is your lead time for Tube Tags?

Standard 2 week lead time.

Do I need to do anything special to attach The Tube Tag?

For over-the-sleeve applications, you will need to tap down the tabs to keep the tag in place.  For over-the-rope applications, you can either secure it with an aircraft cable to keep the tag close to the sleeve or let the tag slide freely on the sling.

What material are Tube Tags made from?

Tube Tags are made from stainless steel, with thickness ranging from .050”-.075”.

What information can I put on The Tube Tag?

With (4) sides you have more room to add information.  These tags are custom made, so we can add any information that would be valuable to you or your customer.

How much do Tube Tags cost?

Contact Justin Shelton at​ for pricing information.

Can I engrave on them?

Yes!  One of our design requirements for The Tube Tag was to be able to be easily marked by rigging shops. 

Where to Get The Tube Tag

Contact us to get The Tube Tag for your customers.

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