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The patent-pending Tube Tag gives you the durability and readability of an etched stainless steel sling tag, and combines it with the most durable attachment method ever devised for a sling tag. The Tube Tag doesn’t rely on any cables or clips to keep your sling in compliance. No more down time in the field due to tags coming off the sling! 

The Tube Tag is integrated into the assembly of the sling and does not rely on any cables, clips, etc., to keep your tag on and sling in compliance.

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How Is The Tube Tag Different
from Traditional Tags?

Fully Captured,
Will Not Come Off

Traditional sling tags are attached by wire and can be ripped off during normal use. The Tube Tag is different. The Tube Tag is a square metal sleeve that surrounds the wire rope and will not come off even in the harshest environment.

Four Sides for
More Information

You can now add more information, such as warnings, websites, multiple location information, logos, and much more.

Made to Your Specifications

You aren’t restricted to stock tube sizes or “standard” lengths. We collaborate with you to make sure The Tube Tag fits how you want it, stays where you want it, and says what you want it to say.

Made to Your Specifications

The Tube Tag can be completely customized so you aren’t restricted to stock tube sizes or “standard” lengths. This means we can make The Tube Tag fit as tightly or as loosely as you want, and go either over the sleeve or over the rope. We can put only the information you need, or add information that you haven’t been able to put on your traditional tags.

Custom Printing on All Four Sides

You now have (4) sides for information about your sling instead of just (2).  Stick with traditional information or add customer logos, warning information, inspection information, additional contact/branding information, etc.
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Industries That Use The Tube Tag

The Tube Tag was designed to replace tradition sling tags in any application where traditional tags tend to fall off during normal use. Specific industries include:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Marine

Made by Etched

Our team has been servicing the wire rope and rigging industries for over 20 years and are proud members of AWRF. We pride ourselves on bringing innovative solutions to the market, and the patent-pending Tube Tag is one example of that.

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Where to Get The Tube Tag

If you are a rigging shop, contact us to get The Tube Tag for your customers.

If you are an end user, contact us and we will help you find your nearest rigging shop that can help you with The Tube Tag.

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