The Tube Tag: Common Questions and Answers

Overview of TheTubeTag 500x425The Tube Tag is a revolutionary type of sling tag that is being used worldwide. Because the tag is different from traditional sling tags, you may have questions about how The Tube Tag works.

The following are some of the common questions we get from both rigging shops and end users.

How is The Tube Tag installed? 

The Tube Tag is affixed to the sling before the sleeve is sledged to ensure that it will not fall off. This occurs in both OTR (over the rope) and OTS (over the sleeve) options. (Watch this 1:23-minute video for a demonstration.)

How is the variable information marked on The Tube Tag in the rigging shop?

The data is marked in the exact same way as other kinds of metal sling tags; these options include

  • Laser etching
  • Punch set
  • Rotary or dot peen engraver

The marking information is just as durable on the sling tag as it is on traditional metal sling tags. The difference is that while traditional sling tags are normally held on by thin aircraft cable, the tube tag fully captures the sling and will not come off. 

Does The Tube Tag take longer to install than other sling tags?

No. The Tube Tag does not take any longer to install than a traditional sling tag–and in some cases, the process can be faster. 

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Can the marking on The Tube Tag ever wear off?

No. All tags are chemically etched and then painted, so even if you were to power wash the tag, and even if the paint wears away, it would remain legible because it is etched into the metal. The Tube Tag is designed to protect critical information when the sling is laying or being dragged along the ground.

Etched The Tube Tag - home page - 650x600Can I get a sample of The Tube Tag?

Absolutely. You can fill out this form, call us at 816-922-0115, or email Justin at

If I have more questions about The Tube Tag, who should I ask?

Just call Justin at 816-922-0115 or email him at We’d be happy to answer any questions that you have about The Tube Tag!

Where can I get The Tube Tag?

You can contact us directly by calling Justin at 816-922-0115 or emailing him at Or you can contact your favorite rigging shop and tell them you want The Sling Tag.

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