The Tube Tag: You’ve Never Seen a Tag Like This

What is The Tube Tag?

The Tube Tag is a patent-TheTubeTag - Contact Us - home - 350x165pending 4-sided, ultra-durable product identification tag that fully captures the metal rope of a sling so it cannot become detached from it. Important information about the product, including the company’s logo, the lifting capacity of the equipment, and the product’s safety regulations, can be placed on all four sides of The Tube Tag. Each of The Tube Tags are customized to meet the client’s specific needs and can be manufactured to accommodate any diameter of cable.

What is the specific problem that inspired the creation of The Tube Tag?

Tube_Tag_Etched_Tab_Version_Sling_Tag_RiggRep-350x165A problem that has historically plagued every industry that uses slings is that a tag can and does fall off. Traditional 2-sided tags attached by a clip or cable are not durable enough for many heavy industrial uses. 

Tags falling off of slings creates severe headaches for the users in the field. A sling without a tag requires a jobsite to halt until the sling is recertified or a new sling is purchased. The financial impact of a tag coming loose from a sling can be significant. 

How does The Tube Tag solve an industry problem?

The Tube Tag is designed expressly to solve the problem of the tag becoming detached from the sling. Because The Tube Tag surrounds the wire rope and is integrated into the sling fabrication process, it is nearly impossible for it to come loose from the sling.

Another advantage to The Tube Tag is that it has more room for identifying information, as it has 4 sides rather than the traditional 2-sided tag. This offers rigging shops or end users the option to include more printed information on The Tube Tag than with traditional tags.

How did The Tube Tag originate? 

Etched ( is a Etched Nameplate 3 - Sheet of Tags- 450x338leading manufacturer of metal nameplates and tags for many industries, including the rigging industry. The Etched management team knew the biggest problem their rigging customers had with tags (from any manufacturer) was that they tend to detach from the sling. The Etched team listened and went to work on a solution. For over a year, the Etched team has been refining the product by testing and observing the product in use across multiple industries.

Traditional tags have long posed problems by detaching from the sling, which inspired the team at Etched to explore solutions. A year ago, the team began to design some concepts and came up with The Tube Tag. They then shared it with industry insiders, who provided great feedback on the initial design. 

In the 4th quarter of 2019, the Etched team began marketing the product to all of their customers. The response has been more than anyone imagined; it has been tremendous.

Want to know more about The Tube Tag?

The Tube Tag is now available for everyone in the rigging industry. Contact us today to discuss how The Tube Tag can help solve your tag problems and make your organization more profitable. 

For more information, contact Justin Shelton at ETCHED | The Nameplate Company at 816-922-0115 or